David Hussman

In this episode, I spoke with David Hussman about products, pricing and experiments. David is an agile authority, thought leader and frequent speaker in the Agile Community. He received the Gordon Pask award from the Agile Alliance and as a musician makes great associations between his favorite pastime and agile products. David founded and shaped the company DevJam which he recently sold. In this episode, David makes references to product agility, which I invite you to give a visit for further research.

Dave West

In this episode I am speaking with Dave West, Product Owner at Scrum.org, about the changes made to the new Scrum Guide release in November 2017. We had the time to hit on the following topics: Daily Scrum, Time-Boxing, Scrum Master Redefined, Retrospectives and the use of Scrum outside of IT. Last but not least, we also learned that Dave is working on a book for Nexus and that a new Nexus guide is just around the corner. 


Ryan Ripley (Agile.FM / Agile for Humans Co-Release)

Ryan Ripley is the host of "Agile for Humans" a podcast also dedicated to all things agile. Ryan and I met in person a few weeks ago and decided to co-broadcast an episode on both channels (Agile for Humans and Agile.FM) to create awareness among the listeners about the co-existence. We talk about how the podcasts started, the differences in the agile communities in Chicago and New York City and Agile Leadership because we both feel very passionate about this topic.